Blame the Villain – Chapter 19

Villainous Movie Star (19)

Song Jun truly lived up to his role as the protagonist of this small world. Not only did he successfully complete the tasks assigned to him by the Song family, but over the past couple of years, he has also earned high praise within the family for his exceptional management skills.

Song Jun returned to the country in secret.

Ever since Song Xuyi entered the research institute, she increasingly felt her own inadequacies. She scheduled more and more courses for herself. Additionally, since she had not expected Song Jun to return to the country so early, Song Xuyi was initially unaware of his return.

But Zhao Qingyu was different.

Zhao Qingyu had been closely monitoring Song Jun’s movements and it could even be said that no one in this world understood Song Jun better than Zhao Qingyu.

Zhao Qingyu received the news of Song Jun’s return.

This time, Song Jun returned to the country with his grandmother and girlfriend, Sun Wan. Moreover, he brought back a majority of his wealth, seemingly intending to establish himself domestically.

Zhao Qingyu knew that Song Jun had always been interested in robot development and that he would definitely invest in this field once he returned to the country. Zhao Qingyu had long ago discreetly bribed and cultivated a group of talents specifically targeting Song Jun. When Song Jun’s company was established, these talents would enter his company, becoming her hidden nails within Song Jun’s company.

Afterwards, she would let Song Jun taste some sweetness. When Song Jun became complacent and his company began to expand, she would seize the opportunity for a thunderous strike, ensuring that Song Jun would fall to the bottom with no possibility of recovery!

This is what Zhao Qingyu has been planning for these years.

She waited day after day, lurking in the shadows, quietly anticipating this moment for so many years, all in preparation to ruthlessly defeat Song Jun.

However, something unexpected happened after Song Jun’s return to the country.

Zhao Qingyu had originally thought that based on Song Jun’s arrogance, he would no longer be content under the shelter of the Song family’s big tree. She believed he would establish his own company and stand on his own after returning to the country. However, she didn’t expect that Father Song greatly admired Song Jun and decided to invest and support his endeavors…

With the endorsement of the Song family, it would undoubtedly increase the difficulty of defeating Song Jun. What worried Zhao Qingyu even more was that the Song family had invested in Song Jun’s company. Now they were considered part of the same camp.

If… she ultimately defeated Song Jun, then the interests of the Song family would inevitably be compromised. In that case… how would Song Xuyi view her?

Zhao Qingyu had never considered that after waiting so many years, she would face such a choice at the end.

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Zhao Qingyu didn’t want to stand in opposition to Song Xuyi, but defeating Song Jun had been the sole obsession that sustained her for so many years…

Indeed, those who are not blessed at birth carry a lifetime of curses.

Perhaps she had become too arrogant during this period of time!

She had even entertained inappropriate thoughts of being with Xuyi. So, even the heavens couldn’t overlook it and set up such a situation to test her…

Zhao Qingyu never considered herself a coward. She had always been fearless and determined, after all, someone who walks barefoot is never afraid of dirtying their shoes. However, this time… she chose to escape.

She didn’t dare to contact Song Xuyi frequently anymore. Instead, she threw herself into acting, hoping to numb herself with busyness. But the emotions in her heart grew more anxious day by day, driving her nearly insane with longing for Song Xuyi…

At the same time, Song Jun, who had just returned to the country, wasn’t in a good state of mind either. He looked at his grandmother, who was cowering in the room, repeatedly exclaiming, “Retribution, the ghost is here…” He furrowed his brows deeply.

In fact, his grandmother’s condition had improved somewhat during the two years abroad. But one day, she accidentally saw a female celebrity named Zhao Qingyu on TV and suddenly fell off her chair in fear, shouting, “There’s a ghost”…

Even though Song Jun was far away abroad, he had heard of Zhao Qingyu’s name. This beautiful actress with great acting skills had become popular both domestically and internationally shortly after her debut. The movie his grandmother watched happened to be her starring role.

From then on, whenever his grandmother saw Zhao Qingyu’s videos or posters, she would become extremely terrified. And now, Zhao Qingyu was endorsing an international brand, and her large posters were everywhere, as if the shadow of this female celebrity could be found everywhere…

During the occasional moments of clarity, his grandmother would shed tears and sigh with a blank expression, saying, “This is all retribution!” But she never told Song Jun the reason behind it.

Song Jun was raised by his grandmother, so naturally, he couldn’t bear to let her continue like this. Believing that the cure for a troubled heart lies within the heart itself, he brought his grandmother back to the country.

His grandmother’s condition was closely related to Zhao Qingyu, so Song Jun had someone investigate the relationship between Zhao Qingyu and his grandmother. It was difficult to find information about Zhao Qingyu’s past; it seemed someone deliberately erased her origins. However, the information about the person behind it…

Why did his mother secretly support Zhao Qingyu and erase Zhao Qingyu’s past?

Song Jun remembered that there was a period of time during his childhood when his mother doted on him greatly. Later, his grandmother persuaded his father to bring his mother back home. In his memory, his mother loved his father very much, but his father never showed a smile towards him and his mother. However, one day, his mother moved out and started refusing to meet him. Later, his father passed away…

He worked hard to become excellent, thinking that one day his mother would recognize him. But over the years, his mother would rather pay attention to and support an orphan girl than care about her own biological son!

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How ridiculous!

Song Jun sneered and unconsciously lit another cigarette…

“Stop smoking.” The female lead, Sun Wan, couldn’t bear to watch anymore and threw away the cigarette in Song Jun’s hand, her face full of anxiety. “What on earth happened?”

But Song Jun said nothing and gently hugged Sun Wan instead.

Sun Wan furrowed her brows tightly, looking at the seemingly inexplicably weak Song Jun, then at the trembling grandmother and the glamorous female celebrity on the TV. She took a deep breath and made up her mind.

When she was informed that a girl wanted to see her, Zhao Qingyu initially didn’t want to meet her. There were too many fans who came to visit, and for safety reasons, Zhao Qingyu had always declined any visits. However, that girl unexpectedly had great connections and managed to call Zhao Qingyu’s phone in no time.

“Hello, my name is Sun Wan. May I ask… Do you know someone named Song Jun?”

Zhao Qingyu met Sun Wan in the dressing room.

It was the first time Sun Wan had seen Zhao Qingyu, but Zhao Qingyu had seen her before. Earlier, Zhao Qingyu had seen photos of Sun Wan. She knew that Sun Wan was Song Jun’s girlfriend, and she had liked Song Jun since childhood. She also knew that Sun Wan was a famous lady in the film and television industry because of her excellent background. Only that old lady who liked to categorize people into different levels would allow her to be by Song Jun’s side since childhood.

“I have heard of Song Jun’s name,” Zhao Qingyu raised an eyebrow and flashed her usual friendly smile. “I heard that Song Jun is a young talent who recently returned to the country, an internet celebrity entrepreneur. Is there something you want from me?”

The woman in front of her was truly beautiful, and every expression she made had a special charm. It was as if she emitted a radiant glow that attracted people’s attention. Sun Wan’s family owned a film and television company, and she had been exposed to many celebrities since childhood. However, she had never seen a woman as dazzling as Zhao Qingyu.

With a smile, Sun Wan couldn’t help but blush.

“Do you have any grudges with Song Jun’s family?” Sun Wan asked further. “To be honest, I am Song Jun’s girlfriend. He has been unhappy lately, and his grandmother gets panicked and shouts ‘ghost’ when she sees you. I asked Song Jun, but he didn’t tell me the reason and just smoked silently. That’s why I came to ask you.”

“Oh, I see!”

Zhao Qingyu smiled slightly, raising her eyebrows.

So, the old lady is still afraid…

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But all of this is just the beginning.

Zhao Qingyu lowered her head, feeling a surge of dark satisfaction in her heart. Her eyes gradually darkened. The old lady would witness her proud Song Jun’s downfall with her own eyes, unable to turn the situation around…

“Sorry, I was just reminiscing about a script,” Zhao Qingyu’s eyes were filled with various emotions. When she raised her head, her smile still appeared gentle. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have come to me. Although I know some things, it’s not my place to reveal the secrets of the previous generation…”

“But there are things that I can’t disclose, and you can find out for yourself,” Zhao Qingyu calmly induced. “As an onlooker, you may be able to enlighten him since the person involved is often blind to the truth…”

Song Jun also started to feel anxious. Did he discover something?

He didn’t dare to tell Sun Wan the truth. Was he afraid that Sun Wan would find out that he wasn’t the perfect image in her heart?

Yet she insisted on dragging Sun Wan into this mess!


Watching Sun Wan’s determined expression as she left, her face showing the persistence of “wanting to understand everything,” Zhao Qingyu pleasantly curved her lips—

The real show has just begun.

By the end of the month, Song Xuyi learned about Song Jun’s return to the country.

Father Song returned from a social gathering at the dining table, and with a mix of emotions, he patted Xuyi’s shoulder. “My daughter has such good judgment. She recommended that boy, Song Jun, to me back then. Song Jun is remarkable now. He has ambition and courage. I just finished signing a contract with him. If everything goes as expected, his company will make waves in the industry in the future…”

It was only at this moment that Song Xuyi learned about Song Jun’s return to the country.

After understanding the details of Song Jun’s company, Song Xuyi fell silent:

Round and round, everything returned to its original trajectory. Song Jun had indeed returned to start a company.

But what about Zhao Qingyu?

Song Xuyi opened WeChat, and the last contact with Zhao Qingyu was still fifteen days ago. Song Xuyi had initially thought Zhao Qingyu was busy with work, but now she understood everything: Based on Zhao Qingyu’s attention to Song Jun, she must have known about Father Song investing in Song Jun’s company, which is why she deliberately distanced herself.

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Was Zhao Qingyu still planning revenge?

Song Xuyi sighed silently.

“Xuyi, what are you going to do?” The voice of the system sounded somewhat dull.

Song Xuyi couldn’t understand, but the system knew about Zhao Qingyu’s admiration for Song Xuyi. The system concealed Zhao Qingyu’s thoughts from Song Xuyi, thinking that Zhao Qingyu might change because of Song Xuyi. But now it seems that Zhao Qingyu has not given up on her plans for revenge…

Song Xuyi didn’t reply. She looked at the gloomy sky outside the window and opened the chat window with Zhao Qingyu on her phone.

“The temperature has dropped in the mountainous area where you are. Wear some more clothes. The scented sachets I sent you should be arriving soon. Two of them have insect-repellent effects, specially marked for you. There are many snakes and insects in the mountains, so remember to wear them…”

There was no reply from Zhao Qingyu’s side, and Song Xuyi didn’t know if she was busy or deliberately trying to distance herself.

Song Xuyi closed her phone.

Even if the storm is coming, what can be done now?

“Just let it be!”

Song Xuyi opened her textbook and started working on the assignment given by Huang Shuo.

She had no right to persuade Zhao Qingyu to give up her hatred. After all, Sun Wan and Song Jun’s relationship was good now, and there would unlikely be any cliff-like incidents…

As for how things would develop in the future, she could only take it step by step.

The author has something to say:

If nothing unexpected happens, this article will be verified on August 4th, and there will be a ten-thousand-word update on the day of verification.

No update tomorrow, accumulate some drafts, and have a ten-thousand-word update the day after tomorrow.

Regarding the small world, some will have a HE, while others may not be so perfect, but in the end, the overall outcome will be a HE.

LP: Re-translated on January 28, 2024

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