Blame the Villain – Chapter 156

Villainous Malevolent Ghost (10)

In this memory, all that can be seen is the white dagger glistening in the light–

But from the shocked and pained expression in Bai Yu’s eyes, one can tell how heartbroken she was.

No wonder this dagger was known as a harbinger of disaster, as it had killed Bai Yu, who was known as the master of metaphysics. Wasn’t that a harbinger of disaster?

It is ridiculous that this dagger was even worshipped as a relic of Bai Yu, without knowing that such a malevolent object would attract the Twin Vines of evil spirits. It is estimated that it was attracted by this dagger. However, as the Twin Vines are not yet fully grown, they remain hidden underground and have not caused any harm, only confusing humans and sucking some of their energy.

In theory, the Twin Vines are not strong enough to overcome Bai Yu, but since they parasitized on the dagger that killed Bai Yu, they naturally carried a bit of an aura that could restrain her, making it extremely difficult for Bai Yu to resist.

Bai Yu obviously received this memory, but her face did not turn as pale as Song Xu Yi had expected. She stood stiffly in place, seemingly lost in thought.

Song Xu Yi frowned, and once again, certain chaotic images flashed through her mind. However, before she could process them, Bai Yu suddenly turned around and looked at her, narrowing her dark eyes and making a strange gesture with the dagger.

Song Xu Yi felt a slight ‘click’ in her chest, as if something had suddenly snapped, and the image that was about to take shape in her mind disappeared without a trace.

Did Bai Yu not want her to sense her memories?

Song Xu Yi stared at Bai Yu, but she lowered her head.

In that split second, Bai Yu gave Song Xu Yi a subtle sense of discomfort, as if the Bai Yu in front of her had turned into a different person: powerful yet unfamiliar.

Shortly after Bai Yu picked up the dagger, the entire cave erupted with a loud alarm and countless footsteps rushed in their direction.

Bai Yu lowered her head and put the dagger back into the secret door. She walked over to the little girl and placed her hand on the girl’s head.

Seeing Bai Yu’s actions and the little girl’s gradually improving complexion, Song Xu Yi didn’t know what came over her and subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief: luckily, it’s still the same Bai Yu!

Before the first staff member could rush over, Bai Yu withdrew the barrier.

The little girl fell into the arms of Song Xu Yi, and Bai Yu turned her head to look at Song Xu Yi before disappearing, leaving only broken vines and black marks as evidence of what had happened.

The staff at the amusement park looked at the scene in shock and quickly called for help. Soon, several people in Taoist robes hurried over and were surprised to see the scattered vines on the ground.

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The people from the amusement park took Song Xu Yi and the little girl to the rest area.

Song Xu Yi thought for a moment and called the legal department of the Song Corporation.

As expected, the amusement park tried to blame Song Xu Yi for the incident, even though it was clear to anyone that she could not have caused such a commotion. They claimed that Song Xu Yi’s reckless behavior caused the incident and hinted that if she admitted to it, the amusement park, which was still in the opening phase, would not hold the visitors responsible for the damage to the haunted house.

If it were any other time, Song Xu Yi wouldn’t have made a big fuss and would have just done what the amusement park asked her to do. But now, if she admitted to it, Song Xu Yi suspected that the amusement park would continue to operate after renovation and might even breed more monsters. Therefore, Song Xu Yi firmly refused to admit that she had violated the rules of the park.

Song Xu Yi was not good at arguing, so she sought help from the legal department of the Song Corporation, a large enterprise with branches all over the country. After hearing Song Xu Yi’s request, the legal department of the local branch of the Song Corporation immediately rushed over.

Seeing the resolute legal department, the person in charge of the amusement park realized that they had kicked the wrong target.

Song Xu Yi lied and said that the reason why she interfered in this matter was because her protective charm sensed that the dagger was a dangerous object.

After Song Xu Yi made it clear that she did not want to pursue the park’s negligence and only wanted to know the origin of the dagger and have the park stop exhibiting it, the person in charge went to investigate the origin of the dagger, still skeptical of Song Xu Yi’s claim.

After conducting a search, the leader was taken aback. He had initially thought that Song Xu Yi’s words were an intentional ploy to mislead him.

After all, the Song Corporation seemed to have plans to enter the entertainment industry recently, and perhaps they were targeting the lucrative market in Lin City.

The dagger in question was purchased at a high price by the leader because, after the renovation of the haunted house, the original town’s protective talisman was likely unable to contain the ghosts. That’s why the leader bought the rumored artifact left behind by the great Xian Shi Bai Yu.

Previously, the leader had only verified the authenticity of the dagger. However, this time, what he found out made him break out in a cold sweat. This dagger had changed hands countless times, and none of its previous owners had a good ending…

As a businessman, the leader was somewhat superstitious. After discovering this information, he no longer dared to keep the dagger in the tunnel.


Realizing the gravity of the situation, the leader finally understood. He messaged the legal department to keep an eye on the whereabouts of the dagger. Then, he took a taxi back to the hotel.

Since Bai Yu had previously killed the Twin Vines, there was no interference from the vines. Xia Tian and the others collected their gifts from the haunted house within the designated time. Song Xu Yi didn’t want to disturb the rest of the group and used an excuse that her family’s company in Lin City was experiencing some issues and she needed to rush back to handle it. She suggested that the others continue to have fun without her.

No one suspected anything.

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When Song Xu Yi returned to the hotel at 9 pm, she had already spent the entire day engaging in a battle of wits with the amusement park staff. She thought she would feel tired, but after returning to the hotel, she found that she couldn’t sleep. Memories of Bai Yu being stabbed by the dagger kept swirling in her mind. Song Xu Yi tried to comfort herself, but she didn’t know what to say to Bai Yu.

Song Xu Yi understood why Bai Yu severed her access to her memories. After all, if it were her, she wouldn’t want anyone to pry into her memories.

But Song Xu Yi couldn’t swallow the injustice in her heart: how could anyone be willing to kill Bai Yu?

How did Bai Yu die? And why did she suddenly become the guardian deity of the Bai family?

A certain speculation flashed through Song Xu Yi ‘s mind, but it was too outrageous and cruel, and she couldn’t believe it.

After thinking it over, Song Xu Yi opened her phone again.

Even though a thousand years had passed, the culprit might have already turned to dust, but since the incident had occurred, there must be traces left behind. Perhaps some clues could be found from the people involved.

In fact, many people are studying the famous master of metaphysics in history and researching the life of Bai Yu.

Since Bai Yu’s body was not found after her death, there are various rumors about the cause of her death, in addition to the widely accepted official statement that she died at the hands of evil spirits. Some say that Bai Yu married into the royal family, as Huang Feng mentioned; some say that she was tired of disputes and withdrew from the world; and some say that she received orders from the royal family and then traveled the world in search of the elixir of immortality.

Who could bear to kill such a righteous and selfless person? And who covered up Bai Yu’s murder?

Song Xu Yi actually thought that the most likely culprit was the metaphysical family at the time, as Bai Yu had spread metaphysics to thousands of households, and these families were most likely to be damaged. However, after careful research, Song Xu Yi found that the national situation at the time was not as she thought.

The density of evil spirits was so high that even the metaphysical families were struggling to cope with it, and they suffered heavy losses. After Bai Yu invented metaphysics that could be applied to the people, even the less talented disciples of these families had a way to learn metaphysics, and the loss of the super-talented disciples was reduced. Therefore, the families did not have much resentment towards Bai Yu.

A figure slowly materialized by the side of Song Xu Yi’s bed, squinting at her youthful face–

The phone light that had been extinguished was now lit again, and all of Song Xu Yi’s search history appeared in front of Bai Yu–

The system trembled in fear at the sight of the woman leisurely flipping through her history log. Her expression was indifferent, her breath aggressive, and a tinge of crimson could be seen in her eyes. There was no trace of a guardian deity’s radiance, but rather the aura of an evil spirit!

The system shuddered: it should have realized sooner that this woman had always been the villain, and there was no reason for her to be any different in this world. She was indeed the evil spirit described in the plot summary!

However, the system dared not utter a word. It had an intuition that if it were to tell Song Xu Yi about this, the evil spirit would immediately eliminate it!

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As Bai Yu saw the records that Song Xu Yi had searched about Bai Qi, she pursed her lips:

Bai Yu had already remembered all her memories.

At the age of sixteen, it was a turning point in Bai Yu’s life.

Before the age of sixteen, Bai Yu was a talented sorcerer, beloved by her family, and her father had high expectations for her. Perhaps at first, Bai Yu began studying metaphysics to protect her mother and younger brother, but later on, she developed a greater sense of mission: to protect all the people.

Bai Yu never thought she would become a thorn in the eyes of the royal family and her father.

In fact, some of the descriptions in later generations were not entirely wrong. The emperor at that time did want Bai Yu to enter the palace, but it was not just because of her beauty. More importantly, it was because of her charisma. Bai Yu had a higher status in the hearts of the people than the emperor himself, which was a great threat to the imperial power.

After witnessing Bai Yu’s talents, her father was determined to make the Bai family an existence that surpassed all other families of metaphysics, even the imperial power. However, when Bai Yu made the decision to push metaphysics beyond the boundaries of her family, she also shattered her father’s dream.

Even after a thousand years, Bai Yu dared not look back at the quarrels and games in those memories, nor her father’s eyes that looked at her like an enemy.

But Bai Yu never expected that her father would conspire with the emperor against her.

The emperor promised that once Bai Yu entered the palace, he would use his imperial power to make the Bai family surpass all other families. So, her father released the sealed evil spirits that had been sealed for a thousand years, intending to let the evil spirits and Bai Yu both suffer, and then take the opportunity to abolish Bai Yu’s damaged metaphysical skills and send her into the palace.

Bai Yu’s father was the person who knew her best in the world, and the only one who knew how to destroy her cultivation method. Bai Yu’s extraordinary talent wasn’t just because of her Yin-Yang Eyes, but also because she had two heart cores – one condensed her soul, and the other carried her cultivation method, producing spiritual power continuously.

Her father wanted to destroy the heart core that carried her cultivation method.

He didn’t know that the evil spirit he released this time was stronger than all other evil spirits, evil and vicious, with the power to devour everyone in the world. In order to protect the people, Bai Yu self-detonated her cultivation, and barely managed to completely kill the evil spirit.

Bai Yu didn’t know how to explain to her family that she had self-detonated her cultivation and became a disabled person. Afraid that her family would be heartbroken, she tried hard to take care of her appearance so that she wouldn’t look too haggard. She even thought of words to comfort her family, saying that she could always start over and even though she no longer had the heart core that provided spiritual power, she remembered all the spells and would one day be able to reach the peak again.

But she didn’t expect that upon returning home, she would be greeted with a fatal blow from her father.

Bit by bit, her vitality was fading away. She watched as the smirk on her father’s face slowly dissipated and turned into fear. She knew what he was afraid of – those who died at the hands of their loved ones would become vengeful spirits. And with her abilities, she would become a fearsome ghost that no one could defeat.

But it seemed like her father remembered something, and his eyes lit up as he cast a spell–

Bai Yu’s soul was locked underground in the Bai family’s ancestral grounds.

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The dagger remained lodged in her heart, slowly draining her of blood. Forty-nine soul-sealing nails were hammered around her coffin, siphoning away her life force. Her soul remained clear-minded, enduring the excruciating pain of the dagger in her heart every moment. And her pain became the Bai family’s “guardian deity’s” blessing, providing the family with an unending stream of good fortune.

From then on, the Bai family added a new ritual: the so-called “sacrifice,” which involved casting a spell on Bai Yu’s soul, binding her to the Bai family and preventing her from leaving.

The members of the Bai family layered chains upon chains to lock her up. After realizing she was in a slumber, they added a layer of “guardian chains” in an attempt to erode her sanity. Her father believed he knew her well, but he still underestimated her: her achievements were not solely reliant on talent but also her resolute will. Hatred for the Bai family remained in her heart and never faded.

If nothing unexpected occurred, she would continue to be suppressed and in pain until she eventually dissipated.

But one day, her weak-willed brother, who did not care for metaphysics and only focused on literature, cried as he found her coffin and pulled out the dagger from her heart.

She did not know how her cowardly brother managed it, but she drifted back into slumber without feeling that bone-piercing pain. However, even then, she sensed the deaths of her mother and brother soon after.

While in slumber, she gradually accumulated strength and hatred. Five years ago, she struggled to break free from her bindings. When the Bai family lost their “protection from evil spirits,” all their wrongdoings were exposed to the world, and the family began to decline.

However, breaking free from the shackles of a thousand years was not easy. She once again fell into a deep sleep, even losing her memory.

Later on, Xu Yi came. With the protective charm she had bestowed upon her, along with her own blood.

It must be said that Xu Yi was a gift from the heavens, for due to their symbiotic relationship, she only needed a little bit of her yang energy to awaken. If anyone else were to intrude upon her awakening, they would likely have all their blood sucked dry by her subconscious.

She and Xu Yi achieved symbiosis in a dazed state. She thought she was still the arrogant celestial master, her heart moved but also retreated, even constrained by ridiculous ethical principles…

But she had long been drained of her blood and pierced through the heart–

She’s not a celestial master, she’s always been… a wicked spirit!

Red light flickered in Bai Yu’s eyes, making her look even more seductive. She slowly leaned down and slept behind Song Xu Yi, embracing her body in a circle, sighing contentedly:

Wicked spirits are born with a nature of ferocity and boundless hatred, they should be born to destroy the world.

But in this world, there are people who delight their hearts, like an oasis in the desert, or a warm sun on a winter’s day.

So, what should she do?

–Deceive her, entangle her, lure her, bind her, possess her.

And then, love her forever.

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