Blame the Villain – Chapter 149

Villainous Malevolent Ghost (3)

On this day, Song Xu Yi was caught off guard by the many unexpected events that had occurred.

Upon reflection, she realized that all of these incidents had taken place after she had removed the bead.

She wondered if the bead had truly been effective in warding off evil spirits. But if so, why had the previous owner not encountered any such malevolent beings?

Song Xu Yi had a suspicion that the appearance of the “guardian deity” the previous night was somehow connected to all of these occurrences.


Song Xu Yi wasn’t sure if she would ever see the “guardian deity” again, but she couldn’t just wait passively for something to happen. After some consideration, she gritted her teeth and put the bead back on her wrist.

As soon as the bead touched her skin, it emitted a bright light, and Song Xu Yi felt something drilling out of it and into various parts of her body.

Almost instantly, the malevolent gazes from the sky disappeared without a trace, and everything returned to normal.

With renewed courage, Song Xu Yi ventured outside and didn’t encounter any more strange incidents.

She was now certain that the bead was the key to everything.

SongXu Yi searched online and found some information about the effectiveness of talisman stones. She learned that talisman stones made by powerful practitioners could instill fear in all malevolent beings.

Could it be that the shopkeeper had given her such a talisman stone?

That night, Xia Tian moved back into her room, perhaps worried that something might happen to Song Xu Yi again. Song Xu Yi forced herself to stay awake all night, hoping to ask the “guardian deity” herself. However, nothing strange happened that night.

The weather improved slightly the next day, but the sky remained gloomy, threatening to pour rain at any moment. Xia Tian wasn’t worried about Song Xu Yi encountering any accidents in broad daylight and went to prepare for the ceremony with Bai Jin.

Exhausted from staying up all night, Song Xu Yi took a nap in the morning, only to fall once again into that strange dream.

However, in spite of the harsh environment, Bai Yu continued to grow stubbornly and became extraordinary with powerful abilities, step by step approaching the famous Bai Yu Tian Shi who was renowned throughout history.

The last thing Song Xu Yi saw was 16-year-old Bai Yu in a battle between two sorcerers.

Bai Yu, who had been admonished by her father, easily defeated him in the competition, making her father, who was beaten and spitting blood, laugh at her.

The original host had seen a movie about Bai Yu’s life and knew that this was another starting point for Bai Yu’s brilliant life. Countless honors would be bestowed upon this young girl who was able to defeat the head of the Bai family at the age of sixteen. One can only imagine how bright her future would be!

At the end of the dream, after the excitement had faded away, a white-clothed girl with an expressionless face looked at her reflection in the pool with confusion.

It must be said that Bai Yu was extremely beautiful. Song Xu Yi considered herself to have seen many beauties, but no one had ever compared to the girl in her dream. The girl was like a mythical goddess with her long, black hair cascading down, clear eyes as autumn water, jade-like bones, and most stunningly, her eyes. The girl’s eyes were clear and pure, with a small red mole at the corner, like a red plum blossoming in the snow, indescribably bright and beautiful, like a character from a legendary comic book.

Having such beauty at such a young age, who knew what kind of elegance Bai Yu would grow into in the future…

Perhaps bearing the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the Bai family, the young girl was always mature. Song Xu Yi rarely saw her with such a bewildered look.

Through Bai Yu’s eyes, Song Xu Yi watched as the girl in the water seemed to discover something and slightly pursed her lips-

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Perhaps because she wasn’t disturbed, the dream lasted longer than her previous ones. When Song Xu Yi woke up, it was already evening. Xia Tian rushed in with her phone, making exaggerated gestures towards Song Xu Yi. Immediately, Song Xu Yi understood that it was Xia Tian’s parents who had come to check on her, so she took the phone and followed the plan she had discussed with Xia Tian.

After brushing off Xia Tian’s parents, Xia Tian took Song Xu Yi out for dinner. After finishing their meal, Song Xu Yi thought for a while and used the excuse of needing to digest to follow Xia Tian into the ancestral hall.

According to the rules of the older generation, the ancestral hall of the Bai family was strictly forbidden to outsiders. However, when the Bai family fell into debt, the creditors came and went into the ancestral hall countless times. They even smashed some of the ancestors’ memorial tablets, so Bai Jin didn’t mind Song Xu Yi coming in with Xia Tian.

But the sacrificial items had to be prepared by the Bai family themselves.

Xia Tian had decided to marry Bai Jin, so she naturally counted as part of the Bai family. But Song Xu Yi was different. She had no right to participate in any sacrificial preparations.

The sacrifice required the weaving of forty-nine lanterns by hand. Song Xu Yi helped Xia Tian move the materials into the room, and Xia Tian worked tirelessly on weaving the lanterns. Song Xu Yi didn’t disturb her and began to wander around the ancestral hall: the Bai family’s ancestral hall was grandly built and covered a vast area, but many places showed signs of damage.

On the altar was a thick book that recorded the names of the Bai family’s ancestors.

It was probably torn during a conflict with creditors who came to collect debts. This book was not in perfect condition, with many pages missing from the middle. However, even with many pages torn out, the book still showed the Bai family’s excellent fortune in recent years – many names of historically famous people appeared in the center of the book.

Song Xu Yi put down the book and didn’t disturb Xia Tian, who was working hard. She walked out of the ancestral hall.

There were still no stars in the sky, and the night breeze was cold. Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but shiver and fold her arms, but the beads on her wrist were like a warm stove, constantly radiating warmth.

Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but glance at the bead again. It was said that the protective charm contained a drop of blood from a sorcerer. After experiencing the bead’s efficacy and dreaming of Bai Yu repeatedly, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but speculate whether the blood in the protective charm was from the legendary mystic ancestor Bai Yu, hence the powerful effect.

The ancestral home of the Bai family had a special reaction to this protective charm. Both Bai Jin and Bai Yu had the surname Bai. Could it be that Bai Yu was the ancestor of the Bai family?

The ancestral home had gone through thousands of years and was certainly different from the one in her dreams. However, Song Xu Yi could not find the name of Bai Yu in the incomplete genealogy of the Bai family.

What was going on?

Song Xu Yi was extremely confused, but she couldn’t figure it out. She decided to focus her mind and start reading.

Having slept too much during the day, Song Xu Yi wasn’t feeling sleepy. After midnight, she suddenly felt someone staring at her from outside the window.

This feeling was extremely strange, considering that Song Xu Yi had clearly closed the window. According to reason, people outside couldn’t see inside, but she always felt that someone was outside the window.

However, Bai Jin had closed the door in the evening.

Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, listening to the wind blowing against the glass outside with a “clatter,” and couldn’t concentrate on reading. Finally, she stood up and planned to open the window. But at that moment, the sound of a key opening the door suddenly came from outside. Xia Tian walked in with a tired face and was surprised to see Song Xu Yi still awake. “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

Song Xu Yi’s hand on the window stopped, and she pushed it open, causing the feeling of being watched to disappear instantly. She looked towards the shadows, but there was no one there. She breathed a sigh of relief, closed the window again, and smiled at Xia Tian. “I slept too much during the day, so I’m not sleepy at night.”

Xia Tian appeared exhausted, yawning continuously. “I have to wake up early tomorrow, and there are so many things waiting for me to do. I feel like I won’t be able to finish them all.”

After hastily washing up, Xia Tian went to bed and fell asleep immediately. Song Xu Yi turned off the lights, and countless thoughts filled her mind. Eventually, she fell asleep without realizing it.

That night, Song Xu Yi didn’t have any dreams.

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The next morning, Xia Tian was nowhere to be seen. Song Xu Yi ate the breakfast she left behind and remembered her words. She went to the ancestral hall to help her, although Xia Tian had initially wanted to refuse. Bai Jin spoke up, “The rules from a thousand years ago do not need to be bound by the formality of being a member of the Bai family. Thank you for your help, Xu Yi.”

Song Xu Yi began to assist Xia Tian in preparing the offerings. The three of them worked tirelessly and finally finished everything they needed for the ceremony at midnight.

Midnight was the official start time for the ceremony.

At this moment, only one person could remain in the ancestral hall to hold the ritual, and even Xia Tian had to stay outside. As an outsider, Song Xu Yi was supposed to stay in her room and not leave.

After realizing there was nothing she could do to help, Song Xu Yi told Xia Tian that she was going back to her room. Xia Tian looked around and showed a hint of concern in her eyes. “Aren’t you afraid to go back alone?”

At this time, a light mist had formed around the house, and the night wind was extremely cold. The white lantern hanging from the eaves swayed with the wind, adding a sense of gloom and terror.

Song Xu Yi turned on the flashlight on her phone, smiled, and walked into the darkness. “This is the Bai family. They have talismans posted everywhere, and the path isn’t long. How could I possibly encounter danger?”

Song Xu Yi was proven wrong soon after saying she wouldn’t encounter any danger on her way back to her room. During the day, it only took her five or six minutes to walk from the ancestral hall to her room.

However, at night it was chilly, and Song Xu Yi wrapped her clothes tightly around herself as she walked. At first, the mist around her was not too thick, and her flashlight could illuminate a distance of about two meters.

But after walking for two or three minutes, the mist suddenly became extremely dense, and Song Xu Yi’s flashlight could only illuminate a short distance.

This was not good.

Song Xu Yi squinted her eyes and struggled to find her way back, but the ancestral home was labyrinthine, and she kept making wrong turns. After about half an hour, Song Xu Yi realized that she had lost her way.

She stopped and instinctively grasped the beads on her wrist while calling Xia Tian and Bai Jin, but the phone showed no signal, despite being in the city center.

The sudden thick mist, the ancestral home with a thousand years of history, and the phone with no signal all added to the eerie atmosphere. Song Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling nervous and instructed the system in her mind: “System, if anything unusual happens in the east, make one ‘wooh’ sound. If anything unusual happens in the west, make two ‘wooh’ sounds.”

With this thought in mind, Song Xu Yi didn’t want to sit and wait for help. She tried her best to find her way back, and suddenly, the wind in the ancestral home became stronger, blowing away some of the mist. Song Xu Yi saw a faint light coming from a building outside, breathed a sigh of relief, and hurried towards it.

But as she passed a certain spot, the system in her mind suddenly made three urgent ‘wooh’ sounds.

Song Xu Yi instinctively looked towards the south…

There was a huge ancient tree, and under the sparse mist, a dark figure lay beneath it–

The urgent ‘wooh’ sounds from the system grew more and more urgent.

Song Xu Yi’s heart skipped a beat, and she bit her lip as she approached and shone her phone’s flashlight towards the figure. But as luck would have it, the figure turned its head towards her–

Song Xu Yi saw a face of flawless white jade.

This was a woman who could be described with the phrase “heavenly beauty”. She had a pair of eyes like autumn water, a charming red mark at the corner of her eyes, a slender figure, and wore a flowing white Taoist robe. She lay prostrate on the ground, with bare feet.

Song Xu Yi’s gaze could not help but fall on the woman’s bare feet, which were half-transparent under the light of her flashlight, disappearing and reappearing suddenly…

This sight…

The woman was obviously not human.

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Song Xu Yi thought she should be scared, or at least amazed, but perhaps because the woman was just too beautiful, she found herself only filled with admiration:

It turned out that Bai Yu, as she grew up, embodied the perfect fusion of purity and beauty. Song Xu Yi had never imagined someone could be so exquisite.

“You—” Song Xu Yi’s throat suddenly felt dry. Countless questions swirled in her mind. Were the beads in her hand related to Bai Yu? Why were evil spirits chasing her? Was Bai Yu the guardian deity of this ancestral home? But before Song Xu Yi could speak, the beautiful woman’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and her gaze became empty.

Sensing something was amiss, Song Xu Yi took a step back, preparing to escape. However, she was too slow. The mist gathered in front of her again, blocking her path. In the next moment, someone grabbed her wrist—

Accompanied by the anguished “wooh” sound of the system, Song Xu Yi fell to the ground, her eyes widening in shock.

Cold lips were pressed against Song Xu Yi’s, slowly and leisurely licking her lips as if savoring a delicacy. The beads on Song Xu Yi’s wrist grew unbearably hot, as if something were flowing out of her body and entering Bai Yu’s.

“Is she gathering yin and supplementing yang?”

“Why did she choose me of all people?”

Song Xu Yi blushed and struggled desperately, but the seemingly frail woman had surprisingly strong strength. Song Xu Yi couldn’t break free and was punished with a bite on her lips.

Feeling too embarrassed to fight back, Song Xu Yi closed her eyes in despair. She never thought she would be forced to kiss a non-human being. She had expected to be drained of her yang energy and become half-dead or die outright. But to her surprise, Song Xu Yi found that her body not only felt no discomfort but also seemed to be filled with warmth and strength…

It felt like only a moment had passed, yet it also felt like a long time. Finally, the woman stopped kissing her.

Song Xu Yi gasped for breath and opened her eyes, only to find the translucent figure of the woman had become incredibly solid. The vacant look in her eyes had also cleared a bit.

As their gazes met, the woman’s face showed a hint of embarrassment, and she lowered her head, hugging her knees tightly.

Can she even blush?

Song Xu Yi pondered as she scrutinized the woman, causing a noticeable blush to appear on her cheeks. Despite feeling ashamed, Song Xu Yi still had her judgment intact. Compared to now, the woman’s previous state seemed obviously abnormal, as if she had only acted on instinct like a wild beast…

But even though she knew this, Song Xu Yi still couldn’t help but feel unpleasant as she faced the woman who had just forcefully kissed her.

“Are you Bai Yu?” Song Xu Yi asked, her face cold and her breath ragged. She had intended to speak in a cold tone, but her voice, having just been kissed, sounded more coquettish than cold.

Song Xu Yi’s face grew even colder.

The woman pursed her lips and glanced at Song Xu Yi, curling her feet on the grass and nodding her head.

“Are you the guardian deity of the Bai family?” Song Xu Yi continued to speak with a cold face, inwardly cursing Bai Yu’s pitiful appearance. It was as if the woman was the one who had just been forcefully kissed.

The woman lowered her head and seemed to be seriously contemplating. Finally, she shook her head and said, “I can’t remember.”

The woman’s voice sounded a bit hoarse, as if she hadn’t spoken in a while. Despite this, her voice retained a beautiful and clear quality, perhaps due to her frequent prayers and blessings. It was elegant and ethereal, and pleasant to listen to.

Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, sensing that Bai Yu was lying. In her dream, Bai Yu had been powerful, so how could she not remember what had happened? However, Bai Yu’s sincere expression made her seem truthful.

“What do you remember, then?” Song Xu Yi asked in an unfriendly tone.

“The memories you saw in your dream are all I have left. The protective charm transferred my memories to you,” the woman explained.

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“I woke up five years ago once,” Bai Yu furrowed her brows and covered her head as if trying to recall something. “But for some reason, I was heavily injured and lost my memory, falling into a deep sleep. I’ve woken up a few times over the years, but I haven’t been able to recover from my injuries.”

“I woke up again three days ago,” Bai Yu’s gaze fell on Song Xu Yi’s wrist. “You have my blood on you.”

“Like tonight, I lost control that day,” Bai Yu looked apologetically at Song Xu Yi and pursed her lips. “I sucked your blood that night and made a symbiotic contract with you, so you can see me.”

“My injuries haven’t healed, and I need to absorb Yang Qi from you regularly. But I was afraid to appear suddenly and scare you, so I’ve been holding back for the past two days. I didn’t expect to feel particularly uncomfortable today and lose control again when I saw you.”

As she spoke, Bai Yu’s face showed a hint of embarrassment again, and she lowered her head. “You don’t have to worry. Even though I’m absorbing your Yang Qi, it won’t harm your body. The symbiotic contract can gradually give you the abilities I had when I was alive.”

“However, my power is weak right now, and I can’t temporarily remove the evil spirits in your sea of consciousness that are making strange noises. I can only seal them temporarily.”

Song Xu Yi diligently recorded every word that Bai Yu said, as the information conveyed was quite extensive. However, she knew that the urgent matter at hand was to release the “wooh wooh”ing system.

“My sea of consciousness harbors a mischievous spirit, but it is harmless and well-behaved,” Song Xu Yi spoke with her eyes open. “Please release its seal quickly.”

Bai Yu looked at Song Xu Yi thoughtfully and lifted the seal on the system, asking, “Is that so?”

Upon gaining the ability to speak again, the “wooh wooh”ing system immediately cursed, “You stinky villainous scoundrel! I won’t let you off the hook…” before assuring Song Xu Yi, “Don’t worry, I’m using the language of your original small world. She can’t understand.”

Song Xu Yi furrowed her brows upon hearing the system’s words and asked, “Is Bai Yu a villain? I thought she was the guardian deity of this mansion…”

The system stopped cursing and looked at Bai Yu, who was hunging her head. It reluctantly spoke, “Actually, I don’t know if she’s a villain or not. My anti-villain detection radar seems to be ineffective against non-human entities in this world…”

Though the system believed that Bai Yu was a villain based on past experiences, it did not dare to share this speculation with Song Xu Yi, fearing she would delve deeper into the matter.

“I have a guess,” Song Xu Yi summarized Bai Yu’s words and drew several points. “Bai Yu is most likely the guardian deity of the Bai family. She woke up five years ago, which was when the Bai family began to decline and fell apart. Perhaps she discovered the evil spirit villain at that time and woke up to fight it, but failed, leading to the family’s downfall.”

“She feels particularly uncomfortable today. Could it be because of the sacrifice of Bai Jin? When the guardian deity is offered a sacrifice, its power is strengthened, but it further imprisons the spirit and prevents it from guarding the family ancestral home…”

Although the system still believed that Bai Yu was a villain, Song Xu Yi’s words seemed reasonable. The system clenched its lips, unwilling to voice its suspicions to Song Xu Yi.

“What are you going to do with her?” The system couldn’t comprehend and decided to change the subject. “You can’t just have a ghost by your side!”

Song Xu Yi furrowed her brow and glanced at Bai Yu, who sat quietly beside her, her brow tightly knit as she held onto her knees.

Even though Bai Yu was no longer a young girl, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but picture the Bai Yu from her dreams whenever she looked at her. She had witnessed her suffering for so long. In the presence of strangers, she was extremely reserved and composed, but in the presence of her beloved mother and brother, she was a shy and introverted girl. She had lived for over a thousand years, and she probably never imagined that she would forcefully kiss someone…

As she pondered all of this, Song Xu Yi’s resentment towards Bai Yu lessened slightly, and she even felt some sympathy for her.

There are now many TV shows and movies about metaphysics, and Song Xu Yi is familiar with the process of creating a guardian deity. The process is incredibly cruel: the guardian deity is typically someone who has a deep attachment to their family, and they must have their blood slowly drained while under the influence of specific talismans. Then, they must sprinkle their blood on the soil of each piece of their family’s land to protect the family’s peace.

Why did the ancestor of metaphysics, who was once at the peak of her power, choose to become a small guardian deity?


However pitiable Bai Yu’s past may be, the system is correct – despite the word “deity” in “guardian deity,” its essence is still that of a ghost. Even though Bai Yu needs to consume her own Yang energy to heal, Song Xu Yi cannot have a ghost by her side…

The author has something to say:

Little Bai: You brought a whining spirit into your consciousness without bringing me? That’s unfair!

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“However, the system soon felt relieved. If the villain in this world was a female ghost, she might not be able to leave the house and lose her ability to covet Song Xu Yi. Moreover, even if the female ghost’s body was beautiful before her death, after so many years, she would not look good. Song Xu Yi, who was a lover of beauty, would definitely not like the female ghost anymore!”


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