Blame the Villain – Chapter 10

Villainous Movie Star (10)

Song Xuyi bit her lower lip tightly, feeling a bit confused in her heart.

She didn’t consider being compared to a cute kitten as an insult, but when Zhao Qingyu said it, Song Xuyi couldn’t help but feel that something was off. She always felt that the despicable villain was plotting something in private.

However, Song Xuyi didn’t dare to ask Zhao Qingyu why she gave her this gift.

After all, there was still a vivid lesson in front of her. She only ignored the WeChat messages from the villain for a few days, and she showed up at school without a word. Song Xuyi really didn’t want to experience that again.

Thinking of Zhao Qingyu smiling seductively at her in the dormitory during the day, Song Xuyi’s cheeks couldn’t help but blush involuntarily.

She covered her face and took out the doll cat, placing it on her desk haphazardly. She snapped a random photo and sent it to Zhao Qingyu with the message, “It’s pretty cute.” It was a way to brush it off.

There was no reply from Zhao Qingyu on the other end, probably because she was busy. Song Xuyi was glad about it and felt relieved. She thought she had managed to get through this hurdle and went back to the library to continue reading the medical book she hadn’t finished.

However, Song Xuyi forgot one thing—although she had passed Zhao Qingyu’s test, she still had to face the scrutiny of others:

When Song Xuyi returned from the library, she was greeted by several roommates led by Huang Juanjuan. They surrounded Song Xuyi with ambiguous smiles and said, “Xuyi, you’re not being very considerate. Did you secretly get a boyfriend?”

The delicate and cute cat on Song Xuyi’s desk naturally caught the attention of her roommates. The “like you” on the cat’s neck was interpreted by her roommates in a different way, and they all thought it was a confession to Song Xuyi.

“This… was given by a friend.”

Song Xuyi deeply regretted her carelessness and quickly took off the card hanging from the cat’s neck. However, her explanation wasn’t believed by her roommates. Her embarrassed and indignant expression inadvertently confirmed their speculation: Song Xuyi must have someone she liked!

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But in the following days, no matter how much her roommates tried to coax and pry information out of Song Xuyi, she refused to disclose the identity of her crush, which only made the girls in the dormitory more curious.

Soon, Song Xuyi’s birthday was approaching.

Father Song and Mother Song, who always attached great importance to Song Xuyi’s birthday every year, naturally wouldn’t let her celebrate it at school.

There were rumors circulating in the school before that Song Xuyi’s diligent studying was to secure a scholarship. However, Song Xuyi debunked the rumors through her actions. Despite always ranking first, she didn’t apply for any scholarships or financial aid. In addition, Father Song and Mother Song deliberately had the family’s old butler pick up Song Xuyi with an old but decent car from school several times, as they vaguely heard about these rumors. The rumors about Song Xuyi being poor quickly fell apart, and her roommates could now feel at ease letting her treat them.

Coincidentally or for some other reason, Zhao Qingyu’s second movie had already started limited screenings during this time.

It was a low-budget film with a quick production cycle, taking less than half a year to shoot. The released trailer showed Zhao Qingyu playing the role of an assassin.

In the trailer, Zhao Qingyu sometimes transformed into an enchanting lady at a party, sometimes a gentle and serene sister like the school flower next door, and sometimes she walked through the darkness in black clothes with a sharp gaze…

On Weibo, several trending topics had already been created for this, such as “Zhao Qingyu’s wardrobe change show,” “Sister, kill me,” “Even in my dreams, I want Zhao Qingyu to seduce me”…

Song Xuyi knew that a few years later, there would be rumors in the industry that “Zhao Qingyu never makes bad movies.” This film would further solidify Zhao Qingyu’s position in the film industry. However, even though she knew it wouldn’t be a bad movie, Song Xuyi still didn’t feel like watching it.

—She was afraid that after watching this film, she would completely lose her resistance to Zhao Qingyu’s beauty.

However, her roommates didn’t understand Song Xuyi’s painful dilemma, and for some reason, whether it was due to fate or something else, the day Song Xuyi treated them happened to coincide with a special screening of the movie. Her roommates were ecstatic and eagerly urged Song Xuyi to buy tickets for the special screening.

Song Xuyi didn’t want to spoil everyone’s excitement, so she reluctantly bought the movie tickets. At the same time, she downloaded a recitation version of the 《Heart Sutra》 on her phone and listened to the chanting of the monks accompanied by the ancient bell and wooden fish sounds in the temple. Song Xuyi felt a sense of elevation, believing that she would have enough willpower to resist the allure of Zhao Qingyu’s beauty on the big screen.

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Because they were preoccupied with the special screening, none of the roommates had their hearts in the meal. They applied beautiful makeup and dressed up as if going on a date. This was also something Song Xuyi didn’t understand: Zhao Qingyu’s female fans seemed to be even more crazy than the male fans.

The movie unfolded just as Song Xuyi had anticipated, with a series of intense climaxes and a fast-paced rhythm. The cinema was filled with constant exclamations. However, Song Xuyi’s plan to listen to the 《Heart Sutra》 was abruptly cut short. Huang Juanjuan noticed that Song Xuyi was wearing headphones and immediately exploded, snatching them off her head. “My wife is so beautiful. Everyone came here for her, and you’re listening to music?!”

In the end, the leader of the assassin group laughed and embraced her waist, promising her the position of his fiancée. But then, the woman smiled, and a gunshot from a distance shattered the leader’s chest…

The film lasted for a total of two hours. By the middle and later parts, it seemed that people were still continuously entering the theater. The aisles gradually filled with people. However, in the dim lighting, the audience paid no attention to those who came in later.

“No one can command me!”

Song Xuyi watched the screen as the black-clad Zhao Qingyu, with a cold gaze and a smirk, killed the leader of the group. She could barely restrain herself from joining the other girls present in shouting “wife”!

Ah, why does the villain have such a captivating face that turns everyone upside down?

After the movie ended, the lights above turned on, and Huang Juanjuan turned her head to discuss the plot with Song Xuyi when suddenly she let out a scream!

Following Huang Juanjuan’s gaze, Song Xuyi saw Zhao Qingyu walking along the aisle next to them.

Zhao Qingyu was dressed in a well-tailored business suit, walking alongside the director and several other leading actors, making their way to the front of the screen.

At the sight of this group of people, the audience went crazy, shouting “Qingyu’s wife” one after another. The shouts from Song Xuyi’s roommates almost deafened her!

In that moment, Song Xuyi felt incredibly grateful for the large crowd. With so many people around, Zhao Qingyu might not notice her hiding among the crowd. With the crowd as cover, Song Xuyi could boldly gaze at Zhao Qingyu.

Zhao Qingyu today appeared deliberately dressed in a more mature style: she had her hair up, revealing a smooth and bright forehead and a slender neck. She wore a pair of simple pearl earrings, giving off a radiant and polished vibe, a different style from her usual self.

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The host briefly explained that originally the celebrity meet-and-greet was scheduled at another cinema, but there were some unexpected issues with the equipment there, so they moved the event to this theater.

Generally, these meet-and-greet sessions don’t last very long.

The director and several leading actors greeted everyone, and then the media proceeded with their customary questions. After that came the final game session, and the meet-and-greet was coming to an end.

Time passed, and soon it was time for the game segment.

When the host announced that they would randomly select a fan from the audience to hug Zhao Qingyu on the spot, the entire cinema erupted.

“Choose me to hug my wife… so sweet!”


“Qingyu, pick me!”

Various voices echoed one after another, and the screams almost threatened to topple the roof.

Song Xuyi tightly pursed her lips, thinking that with so many people, Zhao Qingyu would definitely not choose her. However, she forgot that she had come with several roommates.

Her roommates, not knowing who initiated it, all shouted in unison, “Choose Xuyi! It’s Xuyi’s birthday tomorrow!”

“Choose Xuyi!”


(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

The voices of a few people overwhelmed the surrounding crowd.

In an instant, Song Xuyi felt a chill in her chest and froze in her seat. She could only watch as Zhao Qingyu glanced at her direction with a smirk, then turned her head and said something to the host with a smile.

“Alright, then let’s invite lucky fan Miss Xuyi to come on stage!”

After the host finished speaking, Song Xuyi’s roommates went wild with joy. They practically pushed Song Xuyi towards Zhao Qingyu: even if they couldn’t go on stage and hug Zhao Qingyu, being exposed to their idol’s gaze alongside Xuyi was also a kind of happiness!

Before she could react, she found herself standing on stage, looking at her cheerful roommates. Song Xuyi’s face turned red, unsure of what expression to make. If given the choice, in that moment, all she wanted to do was find a hole to hide in.

Song Xuyi couldn’t figure it out: why did so many unexpected things always happen whenever she encountered Zhao Qingyu?

Especially the villain in front of her, who was smiling earnestly and voluntarily opened her arms. “Xuyi, happy early birthday!”

Screams erupted once again.

Some of the media attending the meet-and-greet instinctively picked up their cameras:

In the hazy lighting, a shy and charming young girl, a bright and confident female star, formed an extraordinarily harmonious scene.

And for some reason, Song Xuyi couldn’t forget this moment for a long time afterward: the woman’s smiling eyes, the pleasant scent of her perfume, and the soft laughter she whispered in her ear:

“Kid, why does my old face make you blush?”

The author has something to say:

Song Xuyi: Because the villain was teasing the young girl shamelessly!

LP: Re-translated on December 14, 2023

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