Blame the Villain – Chapter 39

Villainous Poor Student (4)

Father Song and Mother Song have maintained themselves well; time seemed to have stood still on them, as they looked no different from a few years ago. Song Xuyi recognized them at a glance.


Mother Song saw the red birthmarks behind Song Xuyi’s ears and inside her elbows.

What on Earth had her poor daughter gone through over these years…

“It’s all my fault! If only I had kept a closer eye on you that day, you wouldn’t have had to suffer so much…”

Mother Song embraced Song Xuyi, crying her heart out. Perhaps due to the residual emotions of the original owner, tears also streamed down Song Xuyi’s eyes…

“Today is a day of reunion; let’s not cry anymore. Xuyi is very smart; she always remembered the home address and the names of her mom and dad, that’s how she found you all…”

“Also, we must thank little Xuyi,” said the police officer from Huashi, squatting in front of Song Xuyi. He was an older officer, in his forties or fifties, who coincidentally shared the surname He. He smiled warmly at Song Xuyi: “Xuyi’s parents wanted to come over as soon as they heard the news, but thanks to the evidence provided by Xuyi, we made a critical breakthrough in the human trafficking case we were investigating. To avoid alarming the suspects, the station delayed for two days to arrest the criminals before coming over…”

“Very soon, more children will be able to return to their own homes because of Xuyi’s help…”


With the comforting words from those around her, Mother Song also stopped her tears. A group of people surrounded Song Xuyi, showing her warmth and kindness, wishing they could make up for all the years of love and care they owed her.


This was an atmosphere into which she couldn’t fully immerse herself.

He Siyu quietly stood to the side, observing everything:

…So, those were the city girl’s real relatives?

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And the young girl would also leave with them, perhaps never to be seen again…

He Siyu had thought she wouldn’t care.

Living a life on edge had long made her understand that none of the others could be relied upon, only herself.

Yet, watching Song Xuyi encircled by the crowd, the thought of no longer having someone who would casually come over to pat her head, who took her hand and said they would protect her, who in the middle of the night would stealthily turn and gaze at her with moist eyes to check if she was asleep, who excitedly praised her saying “your learning is impressive”…

He Siyu couldn’t quite articulate what this feeling was, only feeling as if something invisible was choking her, suddenly making it a bit hard to breathe…

But while being surrounded by so many people, about to return to a happy life, Song Xuyi in the crowd lifted her head and looked straight at He Siyu.

Meeting Song Xuyi’s gaze, He Siyu’s heartbeat suddenly skipped.

“Dad, Mom, I want to bring my sister home.”

Song Xuyi spoke in her local dialect, deliberately addressing He Siyu.

For a moment, He Siyu thought she’d heard wrong. Yet, seeing the resolve in the girl’s eyes, she bit her lip hard, suddenly finding herself unable to utter a word of refusal…

Seeing that He Siyu did not object, Song Xuyi turned and conveyed the same sentiment in Mandarin to her parents, adding, “Don’t worry, Dad, Mom. Once I’m a bit older, I’ll adopt my sister myself…”

Father Song and Mother Song were taken aback, snapping out of the joy of having found their daughter. They exchanged glances, their expressions growing complex…

“Where would we have you take care of this sister,” Father Song said with a wry smile, pulling his daughter aside and squatting down to carefully explain to Song Xuyi, “This is what happened: after we couldn’t find you, Dad and Mom were extremely heartbroken. So, Dad and Mom adopted another sister from the orphanage who had lost her own family, hoping that someone kind-hearted would adopt you too, so that you wouldn’t have to suffer…”

As he said this, Father Song looked at Song Xuyi, who was as thin as a rake, and his voice started to choke up, “Dad and Mom don’t want to leave this sister behind, but the law says that a family can only adopt one child. Since we adopted your sister, Song Han, we can’t adopt this sister…”

Song Xuyi pursed her lips; she hadn’t thought of this. The law stipulates that a family can only adopt one child. Since the Song family adopted the female lead, Song Han, they couldn’t adopt He Siyu.

But if they were to leave He Siyu at the orphanage, Song Xuyi feared without her oversight, He Siyu might grow twisted and turn into the unscrupulous character from the plot. Moreover, He Siyu had just started learning Mandarin. Aside from Song Xuyi, no one could understand her local dialect, so Song Xuyi also felt uneasy about leaving her alone and unsupported…

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“Isn’t there some way to make this work?” Song Xuyi pleaded as she grabbed her father’s arm, “Throughout these years, she has been the only person who has treated me well!”

Upon hearing this, Father Song felt a surge of heartache. At this moment, he couldn’t bear to refuse any request from his daughter, yet his family was indeed unable to adopt another child…

“We’ll be staying here for a few days,” Father Song said, tears in his eyes as he gently caressed Song Xuyi’s head, “Daddy will think of a way in the next few days to bring this sister back with us to Huashi…”

Since their family couldn’t adopt this child, perhaps they could ask relatives and friends if they were interested in adopting her. If needed, their family could cover the living expenses…

Song Xuyi, understanding Father Song’s predicament, obediently nodded her head. She began to ponder if she couldn’t take He Siyu with her, whether there might be a way for her to stay in this city with He Siyu…

Unnoticed by everyone, an elderly policeman from Huashi who accompanied them glanced at He Siyu and his eyes widened slightly upon seeing the red mole at the corner of her eye.


Since Father Song and Mother Song had already adopted a child, they had to prove that Song Xuyi was their biological daughter in order to take her home from the orphanage. To be safe, Song Xuyi stayed a few extra days at the orphanage, waiting until the results of the expensive paternity test confirmed she was their child. Only then did Father Song and Mother Song have the authority to proceed with the paperwork to bring Song Xuyi back home.

Father Song and Mother Song had already confirmed in their hearts that Song Xuyi was their daughter. Seeing the environment of the orphanage, they felt a deep pang of sorrow. Before the report came back, they compensated by lavishly buying Song Xuyi lots of food, clothes, and toys. And no matter what they bought, Song Xuyi always got an extra portion for He Siyu. At the same time, Song Xuyi was quietly keeping a mental tally, planning to repay the Song family once she started earning money…

Mother Song had a fashionable eye and chose clothes that fit perfectly. Seeing that Song Xuyi always bought something for He Siyu, while she was touched that her daughter had a friend to accompany her through tough times, she couldn’t help but tease: “My Xuyi has learned to be considerate of others! I raise Xuyi, and then Xuyi looks after Siyu…”

Song Xuyi froze for a moment, then smiled shyly with her head down.

Mother Song was just joking, but she didn’t realize that Song Xuyi really was treating He Siyu like her own child to take care of.

During this time, He Siyu had undergone a transformation that was nothing short of earth-shaking.

She put on new clothes and washed her face clean, and now there were little boys from the orphanage blushing as they offered her lollipops!

Watching this scene, Song Xuyi couldn’t help but let out an auntie’s chuckle…

In these days, He Siyu had also become more cheerful. She began to take the initiative to learn Mandarin from Song Xuyi. After a few days, He Siyu could still be a bit halting with other words, but she could call out “Xuyi” with remarkable smoothness. At the same time, He Siyu’s voice gradually lost its hoarseness and slowly regained the clear and pleasant tone of a young girl.

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Everything was progressing in a positive direction.

A few days later, news came from the neighboring city: The police, together with the forensic team, trekked over mountains and into the hills. Through an autopsy, it was determined that He Siyu’s mother had died due to external injuries, and He Biao’s charge of intentional murder was confirmed.

He Biao, who had scoured the city for He Siyu to no avail and returned to the village cursing and swearing, was greeted by the cold embrace of handcuffs and the imminent arrival of his death sentence…

Half a year after the death of He Siyu’s mother, justice, though late, finally arrived!

“Siyu, you don’t have to worry about He Biao coming to get you anymore…”

After relaying everything to He Siyu, Song Xuyi hugged her excitedly.

He Siyu didn’t speak.

She blinked, tilting her head to avoid Song Xuyi’s gaze, her eyes slowly reddening. In her clear black and white eyes, big tears started to fall…

He Siyu didn’t know what came over her.

In her view, crying was a sign of incapacity. She didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of Song Xuyi, but when Song Xuyi hugged her, feeling the warmth of the girl, He Siyu’s tears flowed down uncontrollably…

Song Xuyi stood by, stunned.

He Siyu’s crying was silent, like dew falling on her lashes, long as butterfly wings, against the backdrop of her sharp chin, pale cheeks, and tightly pursed red lips, she looked incredibly forlorn…

Seeing He Siyu in tears, Song Xuyi’s heart utterly clenched, and a thought suddenly struck her: Children cry and fuss because through crying, they can feel that others care; those who aren’t cared for don’t even dare to cry out loud.


Song Xuyi had never imagined that a child’s tears could be so hauntingly beautiful, so heartbreaking.

“I will definitely be extra good to her in the future!”

Song Xuyi knew that He Siyu needed to vent her emotions, so she silently hugged her, not speaking, but in her heart, she confided to the system, “I really feel so much pity for her…”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

The system hesitated, seemingly on the verge of saying more, its virtual gaze fixing on the red mole beneath He Siyu’s eye corner, inexplicably filled with concerns. It then reconsidered—He Siyu was still just a child, not yet darkened like the villains in those previous two worlds. Seeing how pitiful He Siyu was crying, the system agreed with Song Xuyi’s sentiment, “She will surely be moved by your kindness…”

The next day, Father Song told her that Officer He, who had come with them, had decided to adopt He Siyu, and He Siyu herself had agreed.

Officer He originally had a daughter at home with congenital intellectual disabilities who unfortunately drowned not long ago. His wife, unable to cope with the shock, had been declining in health ever since, living in a state of gloom. Coincidentally, his late daughter also had a red mole beneath her eye, just like He Siyu, which prompted the idea of adopting her in Officer He’s mind.

Song Xuyi was overjoyed: Officer He is a perfect choice! With He Siyu growing up in a police officer’s household and being influenced by his righteousness, she surely won’t turn out as cruel and ruthless as she did in the originally!

Once everything was settled, the group boarded the train heading Huashi.

The train whisked the scenery past them rapidly, much like those painful memories now relegated to the past.

“Sister Siyu, you’re so incredible, you can already write so many characters…” Seeing He Siyu still insisting on doing her homework on the train, Song Xuyi admired the little girl’s resilience: “In the future, we will go to school together and take the college entrance exams together. I, along with Officer He, will take care of you…”

Where am I amazing?

The truth is, she’s the truly incredible one: taking me under her wing and running away from the village, eluding He Biao’s pursuit, picking up her studies so quickly, being liked by everyone…

He Siyu curved her lips into a small smile, listening to Song Xuyi chatter away about future plans, suddenly feeling a little joy in her heart.

She didn’t know why she felt happy; it was as if just seeing Song Xuyi was happiness itself.

Her own life had previously been rotting and stinking, but then Song Xuyi pulled her out of the muck. It was like a beam of light piercing through a dark, sealed room, suddenly making everything seem bright and wide open.

And the new life was slowly unfurling with the clattering of the train’s wheels…

The author has something to say:


Finally, the tears have started!

For the cuties who don’t understand the meaning of this sentence, please reread the copy~ (Reining in the desperately hinting Er Kang’s hand!)

LP: Re-translated on February 23, 2024

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