After Being Scummed – Chapter 62

You really like her~

At the birthday party with employees, it concluded perfectly with Yin Bai cutting the large cake, which was then shared among everyone.

Around 5:00 in the afternoon, Zhang Yu and the group of Galaxy Group employees cleaned up all the trash that had appeared at Yin Bai’s home before leaving in high spirits.

Before leaving, as the representative of the Galaxy Group, Jin Xiangyu specially went to find Yin Bai and took a group photo with her. After taking the photo, Jin Xiangyu leaned down, hugged Yin Bai, and whispered in her ear, “BOSS, happy 18th birthday.”

Yin Bai raised her hand and patted her on the back, smiling, “Happy, happy!”

Jin Xiangyu hugged her for a moment before releasing her shoulders. She then took a small gift box from her pocket and handed it to Yin Bai, saying, “This year’s birthday gift, as usual, a private one.”

Holding the gift, Yin Bai smiled with curved eyes, “Thank you. When it’s your birthday next year, I’ll also give you a big present.”

Jin Xiangyu pushed up the glasses on her nose, this person who was always meticulous, upright, and more like a boss than Yin Bai, revealed a very indulgent smile, “Then I’ll thank the BOSS in advance.”

After saying this, Jin Xiangyu patted Yin Bai’s shoulder and whispered to her, “The wine at BOSS’s birthday party today is excellent, but if we could have BOSS’s wedding toast soon, everyone would be even happier.”

Yin Bai looked up in surprise, blinked at Jin Xiangyu, and said, “Wedding toast? I don’t plan on getting married!” Marriage isn’t a good thing; I just want to date Zuo Jingyou for a lifetime!

Jin Xiangyu was momentarily stunned, looking at Yin Bai in surprise, “Teacher Zuo is so good. Doesn’t BOSS want to settle down with her?”

Yin Bai said in surprise, “I’ve already settled down; aren’t we in a relationship?”

Jin Xiangyu sighed, speaking with sincerity to Yin Bai, “BOSS, you’re not young anymore. It’s time to consider settling down and starting a family. Give some serious thought to the idea of marriage.”

After advising Yin Bai earnestly about her lifelong matters, Jin Xiangyu sighed and left.

Holding her gift, Yin Bai watched Jin Xiangyu’s departing figure, still processing the situation in her mind.

What does it mean to not be young anymore and to consider settling down? She doesn’t think she’s that old!

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What does it mean that Zuo Jingyou is so good, and I should settle down soon? Doesn’t she consider this matter seriously? Must being together always lead to marriage?

Feudal, too feudal!

Although Yin Bai thinks there’s no issue with Jin Xiangyu’s concerns, she still finds her too traditional. Yin Bai believes it’s essential to organize a seminar on modern women in the group in the future!

Marriage, what marriage? Is it not good enough to be in love for a lifetime?

Holding the gift in her hands, Yin Bai looked at Jin Xiangyu’s retreating figure, her brows furrowed.

When Zuo Jingyou walked over, she saw Yin Bai staring intently at Jin Xiangyu’s retreating figure. Coming to Yin Bai’s side, she raised her hand and patted her shoulder, casually asking, “What are you looking at? So engrossed?”

Yin Bai fiddled with the gift in her hands, pursing her lips for a moment. “I’m thinking about a very serious matter!”

Zuo Jingyou reached out, pushing Yin Bai’s wheelchair towards home, asking as they walked, “What kind of matter could make you so deeply engrossed in thought?”

Yin Bai spoke with a very serious tone, “It’s, of course, a significant matter concerning our corporate culture.”

“Oh? Tell me about it?”

Yin Bai pursed her lips for a moment, unsure of how to tell Zuo Jingyou. She replied, “Later, let me get things sorted out first, and then I’ll tell you.”

Zuo Jingyou nodded, pushing Yin Bai into the villa. She lowered her gaze, looking at the gift Yin Bai was holding, and asked with a smile, “Is this the one Assistant Jin just gave you?”


Yin Bai nodded, and Zuo Jingyou suggested, “Should we open it now?”


Saying so, Yin Bai cheerfully unwrapped the gift in her hands. Upon opening the box, she found a watch with a deep blue dial. It wasn’t overly luxurious, but it indicated that Jin Xiangyu had spent a considerable amount of money.

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Yin Bai took the watch out, examining it from left to right. Joy shone in her eyes as she happily remarked, “This year, she gave me a watch. It looks so nice!”

Seeing Yin Bai pleased, Zuo Jingyou curved her lips and said, “Assistant Jin has a good taste.”

Yin Bai nodded in agreement, offering praise, “Yes, her taste has always been good. Every year, the gifts she chooses are to my liking.”

To your liking?

Zuo Jingyou’s mood subtly shifted. She pushed Yin Bai into the elevator and asked casually, “After all, Assistant Jin has been with you for many years and understands your preferences.”

At this moment, Yin Bai was still unaware and nodded, saying, “Yes, she has known me for almost twelve years. She’s almost forty now~”

Speaking of this, Yin Bai sighed. Back when her grandmother passed away, helping her choose a manager among a group of experienced individuals, she had immediately been drawn to Jin Xiangyu.

There was no other reason—Jin Xiangyu was attractive and very capable, a refreshing change compared to the greasy middle-aged individuals in the group.

Now, in the blink of an eye, she too had entered middle age.

Yin Bai couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental. “When I met her, she was only twenty-eight, youthful and beautiful, without a partner. Now, she’s almost forty and still without a partner~”

“She really loves her work!”

At this point, Yin Bai had an epiphany. Instead of letting Jin Xiangyu pressure her to get married, why not encourage her to find a partner! While work is important, life is equally significant!

Just then, the elevator door “dinged” open. Zuo Jingyou pushed Yin Bai out, looking a bit surprised as she asked, “Assistant Jin doesn’t have a partner?”


Zuo Jingyou, unusually curious, asked, “So, in all these years, has she never liked anyone?”

Yin Bai pursed her lips, took a moment, and replied, “Indeed not… I’ve heard her say that building intimate relationships with people is a very challenging thing. Because the same effort spent on emotions might not yield returns as substantial as in her work.”

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“Rather than receiving hugs from people, she prefers the feeling of money going into her account. For her, emotions are a true luxury.”

Jin Xiangyu is an illegitimate child. During her youth, her mother always lived with her outside. Although her rich father had the means, he wasn’t very attentive to raising children. She grew up feeling that, compared to human emotions, money provides a greater sense of security.

Yin Bai had Zuo Jingyou push her into the bedroom, carefully closing the box containing the watch. She said to Zuo Jingyou, “But I can also understand her. That’s why, in the past, if there were any adult parties or similar events, I would take her out to have fun and let her relax a bit.”

“Adult parties?”

Zuo Jingyou’s steps halted, and she grabbed Yin Bai’s wheelchair, looking down in astonishment, “You actually go to such parties?”

Yin Bai looked up at her face, blinked, and took a while to find her voice, “Not me… I have several business partners who enjoy wild parties. Every time we discuss business, she gathers a group of attractive men and women…”

At this point, Zuo Jingyou completely forgot about Jin Xiangyu. She looked down at Yin Bai’s beautiful face, very curious, and asked, “Do you participate too?”

Yin Bai blinked, wearing an expression of “What are you talking about.” She looked at Zuo Jingyou in surprise and said, “How is that possible? I was with Xiao Nian at that time. How could I possibly engage in those kinds of things!”

“Oh…” With Xiao Nian~

Why does that statement make her feel so uncomfortable?

Zuo Jingyou pushed Yin Bai forward again, eyes lowered, and said calmly, “I used to think you were more… straightforward…”

“But recently, I feel that a child who grew up under such family conditions like you might have a seasoned heart while still having an innocent side~”

Yin Bai found this statement strange and couldn’t quite figure it out. After some thought, she said, “In the first few years after taking over the family affairs, because I was afraid Jin Xiangyu couldn’t handle the elders, I took her around, let her handle situations, and witnessed a lot of things.”

“Some people intentionally disgusted me, but after Jin Xiangyu expanded the business even more, there’s hardly anyone daring to do such things in front of me.”

From her fragmented words, Zuo Jingyou could roughly glimpse into a corner of Yin Bai’s past life. It became somewhat clear to her why the previous Yin Bai had such an icy demeanor.

After entering the collection room, Yin Bai had Zuo Jingyou push her to the second row of glass cabinets. She opened the cabinet and placed the watch Jin Xiangyu gave her inside.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Sharp-eyed Zuo Jingyou noticed, among the neatly arranged gifts, there were necklaces, ties, pens, and more… Each gift had a corresponding date and year beneath it.

She watched as Yin Bai placed the watch on a shelf labeled with today’s date for this year. Instantly, she understood that this cabinet might be used to store gifts from Jin Xiangyu.

Zuo Jingyou raised her hand and rubbed Yin Bai’s ear, tentatively asking, “Is this used to store Assistant Jin’s gifts?”

“Yeah.” Yin Bai nodded, saying, “Because she gives me quite a few gifts every year, so I keep them together.”

Although she wouldn’t wear these items, they were thoughtful gifts from others, and she naturally wanted to cherish them.

Not only Jin Xiangyu’s, but all the gifts given to her by everyone were carefully stored in her collection room.

Casually playing with Yin Bai’s ear, Zuo Jingyou asked, “So, besides Assistant Jin’s, are all the other gifts from people also kept here?”

Yin Bai nodded, affirming, “Of course, all of them are here.”

So, it wasn’t just Assistant Jin’s gifts that were preserved~

Zuo Jingyou nodded, pursed her lips, and after a while, she smiled gently, lowering her gaze to Yin Bai and softly asked, “And Xiao Nian? Do you still have the gifts Xiao Nian gave you?”

Although Zuo Jingyou had little experience, she understood that bringing up the current partner’s ex wasn’t a good choice. Even if it was just a playful remark, unexpected things might happen.

As expected, upon hearing Zuo Jingyou’s question, Yin Bai lowered her eyes and spoke with an uneasy tone, “Her gifts aren’t here…”

Zuo Jingyou was somewhat surprised and asked, “Not here? Did you return them?”

Yin Bai pursed her lips, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “No… they are in the bank’s safe deposit box.”

She was afraid of accidents at home, so she stored every gift from Xiao Nian, along with her expensive collectibles, in the bank’s safe deposit box.

Upon hearing this answer, Zuo Jingyou felt a lump in her throat. She raised her hand, pinched Yin Bai’s neck, and sighed, saying, “Yin Bai, you really like her.”

If only they could have met earlier, just a little earlier… she wouldn’t have let go of someone who treasures every gift given to her, storing them like precious treasures.

LP: Aww, Jingyou, don’t be sad~ Yin Bai only has you in her heart now~

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